Austin City Hall

Project Description

Located downtown, the Austin City Hall is a four-story building of approximately 115,000 with a three level underground parking garage. Deb acted as the sustainability officer for Cotera + Reed Architects for the duration of the project. Austin City Hall achieved a LEED Gold Rating in 2006.

  • Local native central Texas plants are featured on the plaza and terrace levels. The installation of drought resistant plants, efficient irrigation system, and recycled site water means no potable water is used for irrigation.
  • Building products with high percentages of recycled content and local / regional materials are prevalent throughout the building. Limestone, copper, and concrete – all long lasting, sustainable products – make up the primary building palette.
  • Extraordinary detailing, angles, and cantilevers are a few of the building dynamics that help make the building intriguing as well as sustainable.
  • The photovoltaic canopy provides shelter, power, and a beautiful shading element.

Project Details


City of Austin




Austin, Texas

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