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Saegert Transportation Facility

The project originally called for a major renovation to the existing transportation facility to expand offices and training facilities.  Early in the planning stages, the design team evaluated and determined it would be less expensive and more sustainable to build a new facility adjacent to the existing maintenance facility. 

The layout and design of the building are organized around a center spine – a thickened wall which houses many of the functional aspects of the building such as the roof water collection system, HVAC equipment and duct lines, plumbing lines, and built in millwork.  The project promotes daylight and brings in natural light from both sides of the building, providing balance and reducing contrast.  Housing the large spaces on the south side of the building and providing large overhangs for shade allowed for the daylight to bounce in the space and often the artificial lights can be turned off.  Utilizing sustainable measures, the project also included a rainwater collection system.  Dispatch is located on the primary corner of the building so that buses coming in and out of the secured gate can be identified.  Project also includes a classroom, offices, data room, and training facilities.  

Deb’s role on the project included design as well as project management while with Cottera+Reed Architects.