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Barrington Elementary School

Austin Independent School District required a two-star green building rating for this 12,700 sf addition project  consisting of eight classrooms, commons, ancillary areas, landscaping and new parking to an existing elementary school. Incorporating the use of exterior and interior sun shades and orienting the building in a true N/S position allowed for optimal solar heat gain control. Interior light shelves and high-bay clerestory windows illuminate interior spaces without the aid of electrical lighting. Barrington Elementary School is the first school at Austin Independent School District with a rain garden to better utilize runoff.

John Robinson Architects engaged Studio D  Consulting + Design during the conceptual design phase for daylighting analysis. In addition to overall sustainability guidance for the project, Studio D provided daylight modeling and building orientation input which allowed the project to optimize daylighting and reduce the energy requirements. The project achieved a four-star AEGB rating, surpassing its original goal.