AISD Energy, Water and Sustainability


As the part of the sustainability consultant team for AISD, Studio D provides guidance for multiple bond projects all with the goal of obtaining a minimum 2-Star rating as establish by the Austin Energy Green Building Program.

Perez Elementary School – 2-Star
Clayton Elementary School – 2-Star
Blazier Elementary School – 2-Star
Overton Elementary School – 3-Star
Gus Garcia Middle School – 3-Star
Kealing Middle School (addition) – 4-Star
Kiker Elementary School (addition) – 2-Star
Baranoff Elementary School (addition) – 3-Star
LBJ High School Theater (addition) – 4-Star
Norman Elementary School (addition) – 2-Star
Graham Elementary School (addition) – 2-Star
Jordan Elementary School (addition) – 2-Star
Gorzycki Middle School – 3-Star
Baldwin Elementary School – 3-Star
Webb Middle School Fine Arts (addition) – 2-Star
Barrington Elementary School– 4-Star
Austin High School (addition) – 3-Star
Anderson High School (addition) – 2-Star
Bowie High School – 3-Star
Langford Elementary School (addition) – 3-Star
Akins High School (addition) – 4-Star
Hart Elementary School – 3-Star rating
Brown Elementary School (addition) – 2-Star rating
Lanier High School (addition) – 2-Star
Anita Uphaus Early Childhood Center– targeting 2-Star
SE Austin Bus Terminal– Targeting 3-Star
Performing Art Center – targeting 5-Star and LEED Gold
NCES-1 – targeting 3-Star and LEED Silver
NCES-2 – targeting 2-Star and LEED Certified